Help / Support Resources for eTos

All times are in United States Eastern Standard Time:
eTOS Technical Support Contact Information

6:00 AM thru
9:00 PM (business day):

610-436-5203 x4406 or
800-223-3910 x4406

If you experience problems after these hours please contact our after hours support
line at 610-656-5990 or you may email Please include "ETOS Support"
within your email subject. Also, please leave as much information related to your issue
on the after hours support number if you are asked to leave a message.

eTos / Login Overview

CTDI’s Electronic Tracking and Ordering System, eTos, provides our customers with the ability to order equipment on-line and to track the progress of that order via the web. eTos offers a fully configured, customized repair and logistics solution that is used by our customers in a wide variety of applications including ordering equipment, customizing a cabinet and managing inventory on-line. The sTos Login is a centralized sign on that can allow our customers to access and manage many different business applications with only one sign on. Users are granted permissions to roles established for their custom business groups by our web administration team. These roles are then assigned permissions to a wide variety of applications based on the individual customer's needs. Your eTos login uniquely identifies you throughout all of our eTos business applications. Please protect your login credentials just as you would your own social security number.

You will be allowed 5 login attempts. If you have forgotten your username and/or password please use the "Reset Your Password" link located in the footer of the main login page. If you exhaust your 5 login attempts and are still unable to login, your account will be locked out to protect against hacking attempts. You will need to contact our web administration team to unlock and reset your account. They can be reached via email at Please include "User Account Lockout Reset" within the subject of your email as well as your eTos login within the body of your email. Our web administration team will unlock your account and send you an email with instructions to reset your current password once they receive and process this email.

Reset Your Password

Follow the instructions listed to reset your eTos account password. The instructions for completing the reset process will be sent to your email of record.